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Every single day, more and more companies with more and more brands are advertising through video formats. Are you 100% sure consumers will stop at your video instead of just scrolling down?

Increase User Engagement
with Video

Know the best place to put your CTA. Maximize click-through rate and drive better sales results.

Smarter and Faster than
A/B Testing

Make informed decisions based on real audience reactions. Spend media budget on the most effective video, in a smart way.

Benchmark Your

Compare different versions of the same creative. See how your direct competitors perform based on clear KPIs.

Be 100% sure that your video attention will be improved

If you want your videos to really stand out among the vast amount of audio-visual content, if you want to increase your audience’s engagement, you have to stop fighting blindly and start optimizing your videos based on how they make your audience feel.

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In the first and last 5 seconds, how many viewers focus on my product and CTA?

Video Heatmap

Follow the gaze of your audience, see what interests them most


How does the audience react to my video? Are their reactions positive or negative? How many times did they smile?



A revolutionary all-in-one digital tool

The results delivered are based on the data collected through our mobile application, where the reactions of users/viewers are directly captured through front-faced camera while watching your video. 

The captured data are automatedly processed based on eye tracking, facial expression recognition and our proprietary pupil-based emotion measurement technology.

Three easy steps

See how audience react to your video

Upload your video

Upload your video on our dedicated platform and select your criteria based on gender, age, revenue and many more.

Let the audience
watch it

Based on your selection, our community gets notified on the app when a new video is available. They watch it, have fun and get rewarded.

Get Smart Data

Get your results directly on our platform. No more waiting time, mailing chains or endless conversation to get what you asked for.


We help you explore the world digitally. 

The data provided in the reports include emotional reactions, attention score, video heatmap, degree of remembrance, and other insights.

With these information, you can identify the mot impactful moments in which viewer are experiencing a strong emotional bond with your product. You can use these information to shape your campaign and adapt it to the channels you use.

Yes. You can test your video that is already made or launched. Our results provide you long-term learnings to improve your ad ROI. You will be informed about what viewers liked about your creative and identify the exact ingredients that made your previous creatives successful and you can further implement them in future productions.  

A typical user testing session lasts around 5 minutes, including calibration sequence. It means that you can get first insights about your campaign as fast as just within a few hours.

Yes. Feelin uses the same base technology as “User Testing Laboratories”. An additional feature is our proprietary technology: pupillometry, which allows you to know what viewers actually feel, independent from their conscious reaction.

Anyone 18 years old or above with a recent smartphone! The selection of users is based on your panel segmentation need. Several hundred Belgians have already joined our community of users to help you achieve the best performance for your campaign.

We are the winner of IAB Mixx Awards 2020


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