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Your secrete weapon to beat your competitors

Every single day, more and more companies are advertising through video formats. Are you 100% sure consumers will stop at your video instead of scrolling down?

How Feelin can help you make better videos than your competitors?

  • Know the best place to put your Call-To-Action and double your current conversion rate
  • Make videos that catch audience attention from the very first second 
  • Compare your performances with your industry competitors
  • Get results in 48h, quicker than getting results on social media

tailors-made for business owners

Connect your ads with real audience and get actionable insights

Our idea is simple: show your video to our community while recording their live reaction. You get real data from these experiments to increase your video performances.

Smarter and Faster than A/B Testing

Stop wasting your time on Facebook algorithm. Make informed decisions in 48h based on real audience reactions.

Benchmark Your Video

See how your direct competitors perform based on clear KPIs, and make sure you make better ones.

Increase User Engagement

Know the recipe of a successful video. Maximize click-through rate and drive better sales results.

Feelin won the iab Mixx Awards 2020 of the Best Belgian Tool for Digital Marketing & Technology

Three easy steps

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Log in to Feelin & Upload your video

Wait less than 48h while our audience are watching

Connect to your personal dashboard & Get smart data insights

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