IT Project Manager

To know in a few hours what hundreds of people think of a video, what they say about it and how they emotionally react? This is the promise of Feelin, a startup active in the field of marketing (Martech for the initiated). After a successful first year in terms of market traction and a successful fundraising, the company is now accelerating.

Feelin is a digital platform that analyses the emotional reactions of an audience after viewing video content (such as advertisements for example). These reactions are analysed by “physiological” measurements obtained thanks to the various sensors on smartphones. This technology is aimed at media agencies and/or companies wishing to improve their audiovisual creations.


We are looking for an experienced IT project manager who can supervise and mentor the current team of developers and support Feelin in its growth. The person will need to have a good overview of each technology used and be able to make relevant technical choices and find solutions to problems encountered. We are looking for someone who is curious and with an entrepreneurial mindset, and who wants to fully embark on the adventure.


We expect a good knowledge of the following stack, ideally with first relevant experiences in these languages. As no one can be an expert in everything, we are looking for someone experienced in more than 50% of the stack listed below. The rest can be known without being mastered.

  • ReactJS, ApolloClient, Redux-Saga, GraphQL
  • NodeJs, NGINX, MongoDB, Heroku
  • AWS, Kubernetes
  • Flutter, ARCore

In addition to technical skills, we expect the following soft skills:

  • Experience in supervising¬† and mentoring a developer team
  • Experience and knowledge in DevOps best practices and tools
  • Successful experience in a technical development project (ideally in a start-up)
  • Able to define your own and the team’s goals based on the overall vision discussed with the founders
  • Good command of spoken and written English (French is a plus)

What we offer ?

An opportunity to join a high potential company with a successful first track record in a very dynamic market. The possibility to come up with your own ideas in terms of development to put your soul into the company.

A competitive fixed salary package with performance-related bonus and rewards. Self-employed status required.

If you are interested, please send an email to nicolas@feelin.be