Innovative tools designed for marketers

We are not tech-focused. We address real problems faced by marketers. That’s why we build clear KPIs and metrics: no complex data, make informed decisions based on rich insight directly offered by your target audience.

We assess ad performance based on three major KPIs: emotion, attention, and recall.

Test your innovative ideas to avoid bad buzz, ensure your content engages the right audience, optimize the first 5 secs of your video, boost your brand recall, and much more!


We break down the laboratory walls

We developed patented technology and AI-based algorithms to achieve high-resolution in recording audience’ facial expressions, attention and pupil dilation.



Real-time insights for your marketing campaigns

By offering a fully online eco-system developed for marketers, we provide an all-in-one tool to manage all your tests at once. Join the Feelin community, get in touch with your audience and test your videos in less than 48h!


How it works

Feelin provides an online platform to manage all your ads testing sessions

With an increasing presence of online advertising, we believe in a fully digital solution to deliver the results with the best turnaround.

Extensive panel segmentation

Tailor-made your campaign

Compare your consumers’ reactions on a variety of segments such gender, age, language or interests

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Fast Turnaround

Get your insights when it counts

Get your results within a couple of days. No more waiting time, mail chains or endless conversation.

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Digital oriented

Manage all your campaigns in one place

Use the platform to manage all your tests, compare results, perform A/B testing and many more

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Our online community is waiting for your ads

How people say about us

Laurent DERAMAIX Jury President of IAB MIXX AWARDS

“Grâce à sa technologie, Feelin révolutionne un outil marketing classique : le panel.”

Bart DE PAUW Chief Business Intelligence Officer GroupM EMEA/ Belgium

“Ground-breaking tool combining agile methodology with media performance.”


We are currently on our agencies roadshow. We are looking for partners and beta testers who seek to improve their video advertising. Contact us to book a demo and discuss testing opportunities !

Our Partners


What about users privacy?

Privacy is our top priority. Users are fully aware of what is being tracked, they must grant permissions to start the recording of facial data. Gaze data collection and processing occur on the device.

How long does it take?

A typical user testing session last around 5 minutes, including calibration sequence. It means that you can get first insights into your campaign as fast as within few hours.

Can anyone use the app?

Yes, anyone 18 years old or older with a recent smartphone! Selection of users is based on your panel segmentation need. We are currently building a large community of users to help you gain richer and more accurate insights.


Meet our team

We are passionate and fully committed to building the best solution for you

Nicolas Debue Co-Founder
Jonathan Lété Lead Data Scientist
Pascal Wouters Growth Agency Strategist
Walid Nemri Frond-end Developer
Florian Foubert UX/UI Designer
Loïc Adam Co-Founder
Florien Flament Lead Android Developer
Marcel Tsiry Backend Developer
Pamela Blanes Jacquart Digital Communication Strategist
Benjamin Devie Data Scientist
Michael Del Barrio International Sales Expert
Xavier Dufour Digital Marketer
Chushu Wu Digital Marketer
Vitor Gueiros de Melo Business Developer
Miaochun Lin Digital Marketer
Koen Bauwens Associate BD Advisor