Identify the key moments of your ads and understand your audience

A SaaS platform to manage all your ads testing sessions

With an increasing presence of online advertising, we believe in a fully digital solution to deliver the results with the best turnaround.


Our online community is waiting for your ads

Our approach to branding is always the same, in that it’s never the same.
We start by listening and let that shape our design process, with our clients as partners.

Manage all your campaigns in one place

Use the platform to manage all your tests, compare results, perform A/B testing and many more

Get your insights when it counts

Get your results within a couple of days. No more waiting time, mail chains or endless conversation.

Tailor-made your campaign

Compare your consumers’ reactions on a variety of segments such gender, age, language or interests


We help you explore the world digitally. 

Privacy is our top priority. Users are fully aware of what is being tracked, they must grant permissions to start the recording of facial data. Gaze data collection and processing occur on the device. ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

A typical user testing session last around 5 minutes, including calibration sequence. It means that you can get first insights into your campaign as fast as within few hours.

Yes, anyone 18 years old or older with a recent smartphone! Selection of users is based on your panel segmentation need. We are currently building a large community of users to help you gain richer and more accurate insights.

Start using now and learn everything
about your viewers emotions

We are the winner of IAB Mixx Awards 2020

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