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Feelin is a Belgian startup who want to put human back at the center of creativity in the audiovisual world, like commercials, movies or music clips.

We want to offer to real people, our « Feelers », to participate to this improvement of our audiovisual environment. There’s no way we let algorithms ans other automatic calculation of social media decide what is worth our attention : we want to put human first !

Talk about it around you, the more we are, the more impact we have. Join us on Facebook or Instagram pour to follow last news and evolution of Feelin.

To better understant your reactions and your feeling when you watch a video. Thanks to these information, we give a feedback to the production teams for helping them improving their creations.

We believe that emotions can be understood through your facial expressions and where you look at the screen. That’s why we film your reactions.

Each video capture must be processed by our analysis software. Once this is done, you receive points that you can exchange for gifts. The better your captures are, the more points you earn.

It means that it was not usable to recognize your emotions. We only validate and reward video captures that are recorded correctly.

The two most important things are: be in a well-lit area and stand up straight, facing your screen as you would during a video call.

Also, try to move as little as possible during the video and don’t change the angle of your phone – don’t record yourself from behind.

No, unfortunately this is not possible : as you have already seen the video, you will no longer have the surprise and this impacts the measurements. But don’t worry, the next recording  will be better!

Your data is used in strict compliance with data protection regulations. Once anonymized, it is assembled  build in a report on the quality of the videos.

For example, we provide information on how many people laughed at a joke, reacted to the explosion in a movie or saw the information on the website in an advertisement.

You earn up to 60 points for each video you watch and for which you have recorded a video of sufficient quality. You will receive an Amazon code of 2€ for every 400 points.

At the moment we only offer Amazon Gift Codes. Of course, we plan to offer different types of rewards in the future.

The rewards are sent to the email address with which you registered on the application. They usually arrive some days after you watch the videos.

You couldn’t find what you’re looking for, you can always send us a mail to hello@feelin.be.