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How do we measure emotions? An excursion into the lab!

In the previous article, we listed five superpowers of human emotion that can be of great help to brands and marketers. At Feelin, we help you master these superpowers by directly accessing the emotional response of your target group. Today we’ll have a look behind the scenes and show you

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Blog Series: Human Emotions in Marketing

We are pleased to announce the launch of a series of blog articles talking about the role of emotions in marketing. In this series, we will place major findings of neuroscience research in the context of business world. We will show how emotions operate in consumer behavior and how marketers

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What are emotions and why do they matter for marketers?

Imagine this scenario. You wanted to buy a new juice maker, after reading a lot of reviews and product comparisons, you decided it’s not really necessary, your old blender works fine. Now it’s Friday 18:07. You had a particularly long and rough week, feeling exhausted. Then you see the pop-up

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Key factors that brands must consider to keep audience engaged

Today, as consumers are constantly bombarded with video advertisement, it is crucial for brands, marketers and media agencies to cut through the noise and achieve a meaningful engagement with consumers. So if you are aiming at an optimal brand exposure, reducing consumers’ commercial avoidance is one of the most crucial

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