4 reasons why pre-launch video testing matters

Are you confident in your video ads? We all know video marketing can be extremely powerful and effective, but we are also familiar with the following situations: You spend tons of money making a video, but you are not confident about the return, because you don’t know whether your ad

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ad battle banking

AD BATTLE #9 Belfius vs. BNP Paribas: There are emotions behind money, and there is money behind emotions

Banks only tell you about finances? Our contestants from Feelin’s ad battle #9 Belfius and BNP Paribas won’t agree. For them, banking ads are rather about emotions. That’s why Belfius is presenting their mobile banking application that records heartwarming messages to each bank transfer. Voyaging from the Roman battlefield to the flower shop around

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What are emotions and why do they matter for marketers?

Imagine this scenario. You wanted to buy a new juice maker, after reading a lot of reviews and product comparisons, you decided it’s not really necessary, your old blender works fine. Now it’s Friday 18:07. You had a particularly long and rough week, feeling exhausted. Then you see the pop-up

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engaging audience

Key factors that brands must consider to keep audience engaged

Today, as consumers are constantly bombarded with video advertisement, it is crucial for brands, marketers and media agencies to cut through the noise and achieve a meaningful engagement with consumers. So if you are aiming at an optimal brand exposure, reducing consumers’ commercial avoidance is one of the most crucial

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