Are you confident in your video ads?

We all know video marketing can be extremely powerful and effective, but we are also familiar with the following situations: You spend tons of money making a video, but you are not confident about the return, because you don’t know whether your ad will work and achieve its final goals or people will just skip watching and click away.

Whether the objective of your ad is to increase sales, raise awareness of your brand or simply explain customers how to use your product, you need to be sure there is a very good chance of strong return before launching the video on digital channels.

Be sure your ads will work – that’s one of the main reasons why incorporating pre-launch testing is crucial. In the following part, based on real use cases we analyzed and helped to improve, we will talk about 4 key benefits of pre-launch video testing.

1. Testing helps you choose the most impactful creative

Edit your video based on data-driven consumer insights. Identify the most engaging moments as well as moments in which viewers start to get distracted. Understand why creative A works better than creative B. Use this insight to find the optimal design and editing.

Check out Ad Battle #9 to see how to identify moment of distraction (and the reasons behind) and learn useful tips to drive increased attention to your video!

2. Testing helps you understand and segment your audience

See how different demographic groups react. These insights can help you choose creatives or concepts to accurately target specific groups. Also, understanding what each demographic group likes also allows you to create an ad incorporating elements that address all groups. Very often, these insights will also help you breathe new life into your brand’s image.

Explore Ad Battle #4 to see how to filter target group responses using our tool, also get inspirations from Renault to see how to effectively address your target audience!

3. Testing helps you to avoid worst-case scenarios, in advance

No more preparing for the worst-case scenarios. Be sure viewers are engaged in the first 5 seconds to avoid “zapping” behavior and keep them tuned in till the end. Locate the best spot for your “Call to Action” to multiply engagement rate. Once launched, there’s no need to track your ad performance anymore. Feel free investing your time and energy for more urgent issues, because you know your ad will work.

4. Testing provides long term learnings to improve your ad ROI

Make predictions come true. Be informed about what viewers liked about your creative. Identify which ingredients made your previous creatives successful and implement them again in future productions.  

Well done! Now you know why testing is important and even got some tips from our Ad Battles. Let’s get in touch and say goodbye to launching high-risk video ads once for all.

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